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Board of Directors

President Kevin Peterson
Vice President Dr. Jeffery Crandall
Secretary Vernon Cross
Treasurer Dan Gavin
Board (membership) Donna Boe
Board Janet Brady
Board James Hust
Board Judi Marshall
Board Monica Savarese

President: Kevin Peterson
Kevin PetersonKevin Peterson has an undergraduate degree in Business (Marketing and Economics) from the University of Iowa, earned Masters Degrees in Administration from Central Michigan University and Strategic Studies from National Defense University. He believes that his passion of unparalleled customer service will benefit the Sierra Vista Food Co-op by searching for ways to better service, open lines of communications, connect with the customer and respond to their needs. Kevin has 31 years military experience as a dynamic and compassionate leader with proven skills in management, leadership and team motivation. He has extensive international diplomatic experience as the Standing Chairman for the EW/SIGINT Quadripartite Working Group. Recent assignments as the Deputy Commander for Training, US Army Intelligence Center and Ft Huachuca (USAIC&FH), Commander, US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Training and Doctrine Support Detachment (ITRADS) has reinforced his ability as a confident motivator and leader, enabling more effective and efficient programs and organizations. He is currently the President and a Board Member of the Association of the Old Crows, a professional Electronic Warfare and Information Operations organization.
Vice President: Dr. Jeffery Crandall
Jeffery CrandallJeffery Crandall has many years of experience and education in business, with business degrees at the bachelor, masters, and doctorate levels. He is formerly a corporate level management trainer for Aegis, and is a business instructor at Cochise College. He also serves on the Governing Board of the Tombstone Schools District, and attends trainings with the Arizona School Board Association. He has been a member of the Sierra Vista Foods Co-op since January 2008. He also has experience in retail from operating his family’s bakery business.
Secretary: Vernon Cross
Vernon CrossVernon welcomes the chance to serve on the board. He has supported the finer food merchandisers in area co-ops since the early days of the Bisbee Food Co-op. Besides being a patron there for some 25 years and utilizing the Tucson Co-operative Warehouse Retail Outlet as well as the 4th Avenue Food Conspiracy, he was a member of the Palomina’s branch of the Tucson Co-operative Warehouse buying club. Vernon views our Sierra Vista Food Co-op as a mecca for locating healthful commodities and renewable resource services that unquestionably enhances the quality of life in Tucson’s outlying districts to the east.
Treasurer: Dan Gavin
Dan GavinDan would like to assist the co-op and watch it grow and prosper. It took a lot of work to get it started and will take continued perseverance for success. It is key for the Sierra Vista Food Co-op to advertise more to allow the community to understand what’s available and where they are located. Dan earned a master’s degree in computer engineering and has worked as a software engineer for over 12 years. He could assist and advise on IT matters. He has been involved in the formation and the running of a non-profit organization called the Cochise Faith and Education matters
Membership: Dr. Donna Boe
Donna BoeDr. Boe has a doctorate in educational administration, and a master’s in educational counseling. She is a retired Director of Pupil Personnel Services from Laveen Elementary School District in Laveen, Arizona (Phoenix area), and has lived in the Sierra Vista community since 2001. Donna has extensive experience in program supervision, compliance with state and federal laws, and working with parent committees. She was elected to the board at the first annual meeting in 2007 and is the co-op membership chair.
Member:Janet Brady
Janet BradyJanet moved to Hereford in 2001 for health reasons. She is a graduate of the Abbott Hospital School of Nursing Minneapolis Minnesota, working in nursing for about seven years. Janet then worked at Hennepin Technical Centers beginning as an instructor in the nursing assistant program, moving to the practical nursing program and eventually to a supervisory position. It is while working at the technical center that Janet got her Bachelor Degree in Human Services from Metropolitan State University?in St. Paul, Minnesota. Janet continued with vocational education until retiring in 1996 to become a sheep farmer. This is the point that she became a member and secretary?of the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers state board. Janet became involved with milking sheep and selling milk to the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative. She became a member and then later secretary of this board, which was a start up cooperative hoping to make artisan cheeses to sell on a national level. Janet is president of the Sierra Vista Area Gardeners Club. She is active in Care for the Horses providing foster care for one of their horses and has adopted two horses from the program. Janet was team leader for the Gardening Angels that volunteered at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery for grounds maintenance, purchasing plants, picking up donated plants and planting them.
Member: James Hust
James HustJames Hust has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry along with a Masters in Administration and another in Strategic Studies, which prepares him with ability to see the larger vision of the challenge. His career as a military officer provides him with the management experience to serve on the Board of Directors. Team building and team work combined with strong desire for quality service to our members will benefit the Sierra Vista Market. He has served on the Board of Directors, Training Committees, and held various offices in several Football Officials organizations at the High School and College level during the past 20 years which focused on providing quality officiating services to the community and state sports programs. This experience will assist him in helping the local Sierra Vista community in organizing events and representing citizens.
Member: Judi Marshall
Judi MarshallJudi has a Master of Science in Education, and is a licensed family educator. She also completed Competent Communicator level Toastmasters 2006 in Sierra Vista, and is a Licensed Unity Teacher 2007 with focus on adult education. Judi is currently serving as Minister of Unity of the Huachucas. Judi has been an active member of the Sierra Vista Food Co-op the past three years, and volunteers on the membership committee, at our membership booth at the Farmers Market, and also volunteers for the Co-op’s Buying Club. She was elected to the Co-op Board in 2010. She has a long history of involvement in food co-ops, and worked as a store volunteer at the Wedge Food Co-op in Minneapolis in the 1970’s. She is also a member/owner in two other co-ops in Minnesota as well as Frontier Natural Products Co-op.
Member: Monica Savarese
Monica SavareseMonica firmly believes in the profound connection between the quality and origin of the food we eat and our health; she has been a strong supporter of the Co-op since moving to Sierra Vista in 2007 (she has been writing the vegan article in The Scoop since 2008) and she would like to help it grow and become our community's main reference point for nutrition and health. Our Co-op has the unique opportunity to not only provide fresh and organic food, while supporting local growers and companies that engage in earth-friendly, eco-sustainable practices, but also to provide outreach, guidance and education to our entire community. Monica thinks one of the biggest challenges our Co-op faces right now is to make sure that it becomes Sierra Vista’s first choice for a complete and outstanding shopping experience, from food to supplements to natural and sustainable items. She still meets many people who are not aware of the Co-op’s existence. The store needs to increase its visibility - which will hopefully increase membership as well.
Past President: Ashley Matteson
Ashley MattesonMr. Matteson called and chaired the organizational meeting for the Sierra Vista Food Co-op shortly after Earth Day 2006. He was elected president of the interim board and later elected by the co-op membership to the SVFC Board of Directors. He served as president for two years during the early and crucial membership and fund raising drives. Ashley and his wife Sandy, a Cochise County native, moved to Sierra Vista in 2004. For his work and career, they recently moved to the Washington DC area but still own a home in Sierra Vista and plan to return. Ashley was trained by renowned sales and motivational trainer Tom Hopkins, earned an MBA in Management and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Western International University. He worked in various Government contracting positions before becoming a civil servant. He also successfully operated Circulation Unlimited, a newspaper sales and distribution company in IL before moving to Sierra Vista. Mr. Matteson and his wife are committed to natural foods and excited about the SVFC. Though they have relocated east for the time being they still spread the word about the SVFC and remain activists for the cause.

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